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Friday, December 19, 2008  
As a Southern California native, this insane blizzard outside of my window is something very foreign to me outside of a vacation setting.

My flight to L.A. was canceled today due to this falling styrofoam from the sky but I suppose I'd rather be delayed than dead. I don't think I'd have the cajones to deal with a smoke monster.

My instinct is to go outside in this inclement weather just for the novelty and seasonal quality of it but the native New Yorkers evidently find this apocalyptic weather to be aversive and thus prefer to stay indoors in the warmth watching DVDs and playing board games. I can't say that I can argue with them. However, it does make me miss my Netflix account just a wee bit.

Netflix and I, we've had a love/hate relationship during our 2 year or so relationship. Netflix is infamous for throttling its users who rent a lot of movies, i.e. receive a movie and send it back the same day. This leads to the infamous "Long Wait" or "Very Long Wait" demarkations on the Netflix queue, typically reserved for new releases. However, the kiss of death wait time is sometimes assigned to the oddest of movies.

Now, I'm not sure what the origin of my adding Rock-A-Doodle to my queue is. I think it has something to do with my girlfriend asking me if I remembered it and I replied that I vaguely did. Why this resulted in my adding it to my queue is a mystery. But regardless, I believe the people who remember this obscure animated film is equivalent to the number of people who saw Delgo last weekend. Regardless, I find it to be a personal insult to me when I browse my Netflix queue and see this:

Granted, the film is at position 97 out of a possible 169 (hehe) meaning that I can never hope to rent that many movies so as to scrape the bottom of the barrel of my queue, but really. Rock-A-Doodle a Very Long Wait? That means that if I were to put it at position 1 at my queue, Netflix would rather send me the new release Tropic Thunder over a subpar non-Disney animated flick from the early 90s. I need only share the plot summary of the film to reflect my utter confusion.

Animator Don Bluth renders the rousing musical tale of Chanticleer (voiced by country singer Glen Campbell), a foolhardy farm rooster who believes his crows can actually make the sun come up. When the sun rises one morning without Chanticleer's crow, he leaves the farm in disgrace and runs off to become a rock 'n' roll singer. But in his absence, a sinister, sunshine-hating owl (Christopher Plummer) prepares to take over.

I can only conclude that Netflix is run by a gang of foolhardy farm roosters who want to horde their priceless copies of Rock-A-Doodle for themselves.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to act like a tourist during the worst snow storm in decades.

11:17 AM


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