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Saturday, July 26, 2003  
Fun Late-Night Conversations: Profound or Just Really Crackhead?

PBeclair23: haHA
Starre001: :D
PBeclair23: oh no its a smiley with down syndrome!
Starre001: dude, you are so...wrong
PBeclair23: or am i so right that ure wrong...
Starre001: oh my
Starre001: GOD
PBeclair23: god has nothing to do with it
PBeclair23: haHA
Starre001: yeah, thats true
PBeclair23: :-D
Starre001: but the Dog might
PBeclair23: profound
PBeclair23: beyond comprehension
Starre001: if you stare long enough into the abbys, the abbys will stare back at you
PBeclair23: if u stare into the chasm long enough, the chasm will say "hey guy..stop staring at me"
Starre001: how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
PBeclair23: none..cause his head would explode because of this mass influx of syllables
Starre001: oh, yeah, i guess so
Starre001: b/c that makes perfect sense...
PBeclair23: it all does
PBeclair23: if u dont think
PBeclair23: at all
Starre001: right
Starre001: and on that note, I am going to stare into the abbys of my bed and get some shuteye
PBeclair23: very well then
PBeclair23: stare with a shuteye you will
PBeclair23: profound
Starre001: see--this is what happens when i get tired
Starre001: night P
PBeclair23: ciao

3:27 AM


Wednesday, July 23, 2003  
Women and Video Games: Not so different after all...A comparison between the systems I've owned and women I've encountered
If women were like Xboxes...they would vibrate when excited and glow with a warm shade, and be defined in gorgeous, detailed polygons.

If women were like Dreamcasts..they would be satisfying for a while, with a few interesting quirks...then they would make strange, unnecessary noises when spoken to...and in the end fail miserably at their own game.

If women were like a Sega Genesis...they would be vintage and unshaven and you would have to blow on their holes to make them work properly, because after years of neglect, they become weary and worn out.

If women were like 8-bit Nintendos...they would be like your first time...the virgin girl who is shy but is willing to show you what she's got, since it's the best you're gonna have for a long while.

If women were like Ataris..."show me yours, I'll show you mine." Not much to write home about but it's your first entrance into the female world. Pong is the sight of your first breast of the video game world.

3:41 AM


Wednesday, July 16, 2003  
Here are a plethora of pics from my trip. I'll try to post a lengthy narrative of my ventures soon, but these pics should keep you happy until then.

Me in a Paris Cafe.

In front of Ghiberti's Doors at the Baptistery next to Florence Cathedral.

In front of a fountain at Boboli Gardens.

A view of the dome of Florence Cathedral.

Italian Guys who worked at "Il Latini," a great and cozy restaurant.

A breathtaking view of Florence from atop Michelangelo's Piazza.

Me at Michelangelo's Piazza.

An attempt at an artistic view from the Piazza. (Not bad eh?)

In front of Santa Croce Church. (Holds the tombs of Galileo and Michelangelo among others)

In the first Cloister of the gardens inside Santa Croce Church.

Atop Giotto's Tower, overlooking Florence Cathedral. (One hell of a climb...I'm still sweating...But it was worth it for the view)

In Pisa, in front of the infamous Leaning Tower.

In Venice, in San Marco Piazza, in front of San Marco Cathedral.

In front of Venice's Grand Canal. (I do look like a gondolier now that I think about it...)

In front of another canal in Venice.

Back in Florence on Ponte Vecchio.

In Piazza della Signore, in front of Triton Fountain.

A view of Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River. (This is no L.A. river )

Well, that's all the pics so far. I might put some up later. I'll eventually post something about my entire trip once this jet lag stops kicking me in the face. Until then... CIAO!

11:32 PM


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