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Sunday, October 31, 2004  
A Collective w00t w00t is in Order

Family Guy On Fox In March?
Or May. Either way, it's back on Fox.

The Family Guy is getting closer and closer to fruition, and it looks like Fox will be the first-run network of choice. When we first learned that the show was coming back, series creator Seth MacFarlane wasn't sure if the new episodes would initially air on Fox, or go straight to Cartoon Network, where the show found a new lease on life.
Well, MacFarlane appeared on the Dr. Drew Pinsky's Los Angeles radio show Loveline late last month and said that Fox would be the network, and it could begin airing the new episodes as early as March of 2005, or possibly May of 05.Here's the title list of upcoming Family Guy episodes:
#4ACX01 - North by North Quahog
#4ACX02 - Fast Times at Buddy Cianci High
#4ACX03 - Don't Make Me Over
#4ACX04 - Blind Ambition
#4ACX05 - Stewie B. Goode (Part I)
#4ACX06 - Bango Was His Name Oh (Part II)
#4ACX07 - Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure (Part III)
#4ACX08 - The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire#4ACX09 - Petarded
#4ACX010 - Brian the Bachelor
#4ACX011 - 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter
#4ACX012 - Breaking Out Is Hard to Do
#4ACX013 - Model Misbehavior

Gotta love the title of episode 11. All we can say is, welcome back.

11:55 PM


I received my last issue of OXM today and there was a "Renewal Savings Card" attached on the outside. It says, "Get 12 issues and 12 game discs for only $29.95 - 75% off the cover price, a savings of $89." Now, on the inside of the magazine, there were several postcards to subscribe to OXM called "Savings Vouchers." They say, "Send me the next 12 issues and 12 game discs of OXMfor just $24.95- a savings of 79% off the newstand price!"



By the way, Halo 2 is reviewed in this issue. It got a 9.7. The highest scoring game EVAR. Also, Prince of Persia 2 clocked in at a 9.6. Joygasms all around.

1:56 AM


Smokey Sez
Alright. Whoever said this year was a repeat of past years for the UCLA football team... ESCREW YOU ALL! The first conference shutout in 17 years. Chopped those trees down 21-zip. Now, they almost beat $C. This means, by the transitive property, that we'll either almost beat $C also or beat them. w00t.... Pictures are coming soon and I took some awesome video clips. Someone tell me how to post them!!!

1:31 AM


Sunday, October 24, 2004  
Ashlee Vanilli
Holy crap. For those of us West Coasters who saw SNL last night and were wondering why Ashlee Simpson's second performance featured only the band for about 10 seconds, here is a clip showing what the East Coasters actually saw.

Go here and enjoy. She provides a say the least...explanation afterwards.

I loves me a scandal.

4:57 PM


Thursday, October 21, 2004  
Note: Bay Area Pics have been added to my Yahoo Photos albums. Check em out if you so desire.

My Yahoo Photos

5:09 PM


Tuesday, October 19, 2004  
I Need to Get this Off My Chest
Ok, this has been bothering me since Friday and I have to get it off my chest.

I conned Burger King.

On Friday, at 7am, we arrived in Emoryville for some breakfast before rehearsal. We all went off in separate directions but most of us went to Burger King. After waiting in line for about 30 min, it's my turn to order. I order a Bacon, Sausage and Egg sandwich combo. I pay and they give me my bag with hash browns. I move over to wait for my sandwich. About 10 min go by and my sandwich is no where to be found. I ask the cashier where my sandwich was and she said, "You didn't get it yet?" and I replied that I had not. She gives me a bag with the hash browns and the sandwich. I feel fulfilled because I see that I got a double order of hash browns. Lucky me! I go to sit down to eat with some friends at this ungodly hour when loe and behold what do I find!?
In my original bag there are the hash browns and the sandwich! What have I done!? I look in the second bag and there are the same contents of the first bag. I look around to see if the Emoryville cops have pulled up yet. No one in sight. I indulge myself in two bacon, sausage and egg sandwiches and two orders of hash browns. All for only about $3.50. On two or three hours of sleep, I had accomplished something tremendous!!

Did I say it's been bugging me? I meant I feel fulfilled.

UCLA Parking department, Blockbuster, Burger King...WHO'S NEXT!?!?
Watch yourselves you corporations you. I'm coming after you and I'm ready to con you out of three, maybe even four dollars.


4:24 AM


Monday, October 18, 2004  
The Arrival of My Rope Pictures
It's been a long time coming...well not a long time...about a month. But here they are....well some of them.....Pictures from Europe! I've only uploaded two albums so far and I haven't labeled all of them but I'll get to the rest of them later. Enjoy what I've put up so far!

9:48 PM


Thursday, October 14, 2004  
A Funny Article from the Daily Bruin Yesterday
A good prelude to the Bay Area Trip this weekend:

Stolen fight song leaves Bears growling
UCLA’s popular ‘Sons of Westwood’ a revamped version of Cal classic

By Andrew Finley

By and large, fight songs are harmless rah-rah pieces designed to lift school spirit and not much else. But in Berkeley, "Sons of Westwood" is detested about as much as Republicans or regular showers.

Forty-five years ago, Cal was living the high life, capturing a national championship in men's basketball while its marching band trumpeted the uniquely classic fight song "Big C." Unfortunately for them, the Golden Bears' "illegitimate sister school" down south had to spoil the party.

In 1959, UCLA essentially stole "Big C" and revamped it into the familiar "Sons of Westwood." F. Kelly James, a Cal alumnus and Associate Director of UCLA's band at the time, composed an alternate arrangement to the Bears' beloved hymn that was performed during a combined half-time show featuring the marching bands from Cal, UCLA, UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara.

When UCLA continued to use the arrangement as its own, it committed a cardinal sin that still irritates many Bears today.

"They're bitter about it," fifth-year trombone section leader Clay McCarter said. "Because of the success of UCLA sports over the years, some people even think Cal stole it from us."

It's the historical ambiguity of the song's origin that is the biggest thorn in the Bears' side. But with the recent upswing of Cal's football program, the folks in Berkeley are hoping "Big C" will start receiving the national exposure usually reserved for UCLA.

If you take the road trip up to Berkeley this weekend for the football game between the two schools, you'll undoubtedly hear a hackneyed 'get your own fight song' jab from the home fans when "Sons of Westwood" plays.

Instead of acting confused or challenging the accuracy of their claim, just thank them for the blueprint or offer condolences for the antiquated version they're stuck with.

I can't musically pinpoint why "Big C" sounds flat and uninspired compared to "Sons of Westwood," but current UCLA band director Gordon Henderson helped clarify some of the differences between the two songs.

"Ours has a counter-melody in the low brass and has a much more intricate arrangement," Henderson said. "Harmonically, it's much more sophisticated and has an introduction that really grabs you."

I was hoping Cal band director Bob Calonico would offer us his spin on why Cal's "Big C" is superior to UCLA's rendition, but he turned down the invitation. He downplayed any sense of bitterness his students might feel toward the subject and even indicated that UCLA shouldn't feel compelled to give up "Sons of Westwood."

Part of me wishes Calonico was offended by "Sons of Westwood." Fight songs aren't supposed to lift the opponent's spirit.

UCLA students mock "Big C" by adding an eight-clap to it and the marching band has its fun by adding the "Sons of Westwood" tag at the song's end.

Still, Calonico insists "Big C" and the Cal marching band as a whole can stand on their own merit, even with the Bruins claiming they are more distinguished musically.

Cal's marching band clings to their traditional high-step marching style that they adopted from Big-10 schools in the 1950s.

"Keeping the tradition is a huge focus for our students," Calonico said of the supposedly difficult high-step exercise. "What we are today is just as strong as ever. It's a pride thing and they're proud of what they do."

Yet as proud as they are of this style, UCLA's marching band isn't impressed.

"It really affects their playing ability," McCarter said of the high-step. "They're really choppy and just don't do it as well as the schools in the midwest."

So if you're at the game Saturday and overhear some envious Cal students complaining about "Sons of Westwood," try to be sympathetic.

It's hard to watch a younger sibling take center stage. E-mail Finley at

5:20 PM


Sunday, October 10, 2004  
The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round...
'Twas a great game yesterday. Neutered the Wildcats 37-17, but the most interesting part of the whole day was learning fantastic bus songs on the way back. With names ranging from Gay Caballero to The Beer Song, it was an educational ride back. Here are the lyrics, if you so choose to learn, to The Beer Song, to the tune of that song that goes "Doe, a deer a female deer..."

Beer, beer beer, beer beer beer beer
Ray, the guy who buys me beeeeeer
Me, the guy, Ray buys beer for
Fa, the distance to the baaaaaaaar
La, la la la la la beeeeeeeeeer
So, i think i'll have a beeeeeeeeeer!
Tea, no thanks i'll have a beeeeeeer!
And that brings us back to beer beer beer beer!

By the way, a newly compiled list of movies no one has any time to see is in order so here it is:
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Team America: World Police
Friday Night Lights
I Heart Huckabees
Silver City
The Incredibles
Perhaps we could reward ourselves after midterms or something with a movie or two, non?

4:21 PM


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