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Sunday, September 28, 2003  
Hail to the hills of weessssttt wooood...lalalalaaaa....Yeh yeh....UCLA beat SDSU 20-10. (I think it's going to air tomorrow afternoon...) USC (booo hissss) lost to Cal...woo hoo....But yeah so tonight was our first game at the Rose Bowl after extensive rehearsals. All I have to say is that the band kicks ass, the trumpets dominate, the cheerleaders are hot, field shows are exhilirating with 65 billion people watching and college band is sooo much better than high school band. The SDSU band played Aztec Fire...which was, for those of you who don't know, a song we played in was kinda stupid....They also played the Hey Song...(Whenever a college band plays that we yell "HIGHSCHOOL" instead of "HEY") But they sent over a trombone quartet who played a neat song...kind of oompaloompa-y for my taste...but all is good. Coach USA buses totally kick yellow school buses Having a cape is so freakin cool...I still want a sword....Not having a shako rules, but the plume feather for our hat smells like death. I febreezed it and afterwards it smelled like carpets and death...soo..eew. If anyone has noticed yet, this entry isn't one of my more poetic, insightful ones, but I've been running around with the band for 12 hours so...leave me alone. So yeah, in conclusion, ladies and..jelly spoons, to anyone who is even thinking about joining the BUM... bup bup bup BUM.. bup buh bum buh buh buum buum buum buum "GO" BUM... bup bup bup BUM.. bup buh bum buh buh buum buum buum buum "GO" BUM... bup bup bup BUM.. bup buh bum buh buh buum buum buum buum "GO U...C...LLLL....A....UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT"
4:14 AM


Wednesday, September 17, 2003  
I...can' lips. 12 hrs. of nonstop drill...Can't go on...Death becomes me...
12:57 AM


Saturday, September 13, 2003  

Which Family Guy Character are you? Take the Quiz!

2:09 AM


Tuesday, September 02, 2003  
Hey y'all...Well, I have returned from the Peach State...Georgia..Atlanta, Georgia...It was nice to breath in some $1.45 gas instead of some $2.17 gas for a change. The nature was a welcome change, coming from the metallic, plastic, ceramic city that we all live in: Los Angeles. Despite having a few bumps in the road involving the death of a family member, I had a great time seeing all of my family members before heading off

Look....What the hell are those green things...Run!!

When in the South, look out for Moose. They're all protected by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Just look at the gas price...I mean...look at it...

My aunt standing in front of her house. For comparison, my apartment is now worth $450,000....her house is worth $350,000...Wtf

Just chillin yo....Down here in the Sowff...Beeotch

Aaahh...Southern mini-golf...full of majestic West Nile Virus carrying mosquitos and 97 degree heat with100% humidity...aaahh

A profile of me and my cousin, Idean...Complete with my Persian Nose and Fuzz

Sitting on my 10 yr. old cousin...cause I felt like it.

The best barbeque place...No...the best the history of...everywhere...Sonny's!!!!

In front of Sonny's with my uncle...the sun was in our eyes...

I mean c'mon!!! Look at the gas price!!! Look!!!!!!!!!

Behold...The King and Queen Towers...As seen from a great a car...on the night...while it's raining.

Ok....There was Sonny's...Now there's Fogo de Chao...15 types of meat all at your disposal...Filet Mignon, Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon, Garlic Beef, Llama...ok not Llama, but that would've been cool.

Inside Meat Paradise. My aunt, my uncle, my cousin, me.

Me and my kickass cousin Nazli...Damn I'm tall


My aunt next to the flowers that I bestowed upon her...Please, please sit down...No applause is necessary...Oh alright...

And finally, a group picture of my two uncles, Keith and Moe, and my aunt Soheila.

Did you see those gas prices?! on west on truckin' y'all!!

5:03 PM


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