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Monday, March 31, 2003  
A few college responses today. One, not new news, Northwestern rejection. Two, Vassar rejected. (Woe is me) And finally, the only out of state college I cared about, Emory, acceptance, thank you very much....Killed some more ants...Watched Six Feet Under and Ed that I taped, two shows which I highly recommend. Still have to watch Boomtown, another fantastic show...Bye all
7:06 PM


Ants are so stupid. If you draw a line, circle, perimeter of chalk somewhere, they will not cross it. Why not? Any creature who's scared of chalk should be dead already. And another thing, how have ants survived for so long? The Bengal Tiger is endangered, but these shitfobrains ants thrive. This world is retarded and this is is just one of the reasons for it. On a lighter note, I'm going to die in six days because I watched "The Ring" yesterday and on the dvd they have the actual video thing...cweepy...Oh well...
12:41 AM


Sunday, March 30, 2003  
I've done it!...I've written in HTML...Woo
1:22 AM




posted by Me on Tuesday

1:17 AM


Northwestern: Rejected....Oh whatever shall I do....That's right....Not caring works...
1:16 AM


Saturday, March 29, 2003  
This quiz must be accurate cause I am 50% persian...Dats funny shiite...
12:28 AM


I scored a 50% on the "HOW PERSIAN ARE YOU" Quizie! What about you?
12:27 AM


Friday, March 28, 2003  
God friggin damn my I'm about to turn left on Hamilton (my street)...I have to pee, I'm hungry, I'm tired, I've been at school since 6:45....I just wanted to go home...And what happens! My car decides to turn off....and not come back on...Right next to my apartment building...Just my luck...That's like having a 3.84 gpa when you need a 3.9 to get in to a on my mind...Ok, so great...I have this guy next to me who asked me for a ride and is the most annoying creature ever...and we're stuck in a Jetta...While idiot Persian moms and oblivious Koreans are honking at me, I'm calling Triple A to get my ass towed to the gas station..."Sir, this is a priority call since you are blocking traffic. So the driver will be there in 10 min." Oh ok. Unfortunately I was not aware that 10 min. in Triple A time meant 45 min. So, I'm stuck in my car in the middle of the two busiest streets in LA (Wilshire and La Cienega), listening to KCRW talk about the war (which made my problem seem small...but c'mon) and diverting traffic via obscene hand gestures. So, this really pissed off Filipino guy arrives and tows me...On the way to the gas station he's complaining about, and I quote, "These fuckin people are so fuckin stupid...why do I have to tow every mother fuckin person in Beverly Hills. I've gots a cold, I ain't even eatin my fucking lunch...Sheet...Don't laugh boy...It's not funny." "Sorry man...." So we arrive at the gas station and Milt the gas station guy, who wasn't half bad, tells me it should cost max a couple hundred bucks to fix my inverse fan rotator belt or some shit like that. So I have to empty my car (backpack, trumpet, dirty pe clothes etc.) and walk three blocks over to my apartment...Oh, and next week we have to move out for 3 days cause they're gonna fumigate the building...for termites...I haven't seen one god freakin damn piece of shit termite...ever..... Yeah, so happy weekend to all who did not have their car stall...Oh and did I mention that I got rejected from Berkeley? Yeah, I got rejected from Berkeley. ADMISSION DENIED...assholes....Ok, so I'm going to go wallow in my defeat now...Fare thee well.
8:33 PM


Thursday, March 27, 2003  
Heysus Christo! I have no friggin clue how to post links....HTML Incompetent...Right here...Nice ta meet ya...
11:01 PM


Yeah...So this is my blog...Ummm....So....Ants....Ants are annoying....and so are those milkduds...yeah because they stick to your teeth and if you have fillings they pull them out...Ummm...yeah....rejections from colleges suck major camel rectum too because like the UCs are the most random sons of mothers...They roll the dice on a person's future without ever reconsidering...I mean, some people don't deserve to get in...But, others do...It just goes to show you that you can go to Cal State South Central LA I'm Gonna Shoot You and you can still be successful....
9:16 PM


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