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Friday, December 19, 2003  
Ok cause blogger can't handle so many glorious pics...I split it up...good advice Ilana....Here we go with PART DEUX:
OK...Fast forward to the USC Game booo hissss.
The Beat $C Bonfire.

Rehearsal before the game.

The perspective...of a fire extinguisher.

Overhead view.

The perspective...of a UCLA band member walking amongst $C creatures.

Aaaw..isn't that nice....I didn't know the Special Olympics were being held at the game...oh's their "band."

Got guide?

Guess not..

The non-sucking and non-being assholes band.

I ...AM .... IRON MAN

C'mon...we can score...yeah!

Not enough....

We'll get em next year..

If don't...move...he won't...see you....
(The band director...Gordon...Hondo)

Chillin like we do..

Fun after the game...beating people with inflatable noise makers.


OK Folks...that should hold you off for now...Pics from the Laker game coming soon...Till then...keep doing nothing...cause that's what break is for. Ciao.

3:58 AM


Thursday, December 18, 2003  
Settle down folks...I know you're ansy...haven't seen an update in a while. Well, your anxiety can come to a pause now. For finals and school are over...for now...and an update of old and new follows. BEHOLD! THE GLORY THAT aaah.
We begin with Eddie Izzard: Sexie from way back on September 15th.
The Wiltern...Joy!

The stage before the Izzard graces it.

I did my best to sneak in pictures during the show.

All in all a wonderful, hillarious show...I just wish I would've brought my tape recorder...oh well....The dvd's coming soon.

And we move onto football season.
The Berkeley Game *pics courtesy of mother.
The lunatics...I mean..."band"

I think that's supposed to be a formation.

That's what I'm talkin' about...the RUN-ON!!

That's right it's time for Where's Waldo...I mean....Where's Me...I helped you out a little...

Ooooh aaaah...Slanted Block Ucla.

End of "Strike up the Band."

We are the sons of westwooood.

THE END...of pregame

And it's halftime...Old Man see that gas in the back...that's me...



The end...of halftime.

4:04 AM


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